The Blue Anchor

The Blue Anchor

Menu Option 1

Christmas Menu 2014

Roasted butternut squash, sage & sweet potato soup served with crusty bread
Chicken liver pate with brandy & cranberry jam on a bed of roquette salad and cherry tomatoes
Grilled duck breast with figs on watercress, shaved cucumber & carrot salad, dressed with passion fruit coulis
Salmon & avocado tower, stacked avocado, mascarpone & dill cheese, diced cucumber, smoked salmon topped with black caviar and crème fraiche.
Mushrooms, gorgonzola & tarragon tapenade served on French toast with tomato concasse, topped with truffle oil.
Traditional Roast Turkey
Venison fillet on swede & carrot puree served with stilton, sundry tomato and puy lentils, topped with raspberry sauce and parsnip chips
Lamb steak, grilled with feta, rosemary & cherry tomatoes served with a pesto potato mash, beetroot puree and baby spinach.
Beef medallion served with grilled asparagus, potato dauphinoise, port & wild mushroom sauce.
Salad with roasted squash, caramelised warm chestnut, barely and brie cheese with cranberry, orange and ginger dressing.
Seabass fillet on rocket and capers, crushed new potatoes and grilled fennel, served with mussels and prawns in a creamy white wine sauce.
Stuffed peppers with halumi cheese, couscous, vegetable ratatouille served with rocket, roasted cherry tomatoes and topped with pear and white balsamic dressing
All served with Roast Potatoes, Brussels Sprouts, Roast Carrots & Parsnips, Caramelized Red Onion on the side
Hazelnut crème pyramids
Chocolate and raspberry tears
New York style cheesecake
Christmas pudding with brandy sauce
£27.50 per person
Groups from 8 to 40 people (Seated)
We accept cash & debit/credit cards or Company cheques
An optional 10% service charge will be added to your bill. All tips go directly to the staff

Menu Option 2

 Christmas Party Buffet


Sliced Roast Turkey Breast
Creamy Chicken, mushrooms and bacon open pies with rice
Traditional Fish pie with salmon, tuna and haddock
Brie, red peppers, sundry tomatoes and basil quiche
Potato salad with dill
Garden salad with tomatoes, olives and peppers
Selection of rustic bread roll with butter
Roast Vegetables
Roast potatoes
Pigs in Blankets
Sage & onion stuffing balls
Cranberry sauce
Christmas pudding with brandy sauce 


Groups of 15 to 60 people (Standing/sitting)
We accept cash or debit/credit cards or Company.
An optional 10% service charge will be added to the bill.All tips go directly to staff